Enforce an Oso Policy

To use an Oso policy in your app, you’ll need to “enforce” it. A policy is useless without an app that consults the policy on user actions. For most apps, policies can be enforced on multiple “levels”:

  • Resource-level: is the user allowed to perform this action on a particular resource?
  • Field-level: which fields on this object can the user read? Which ones can they update?
  • Request-level: should this user even be able to hit this endpoint, regardless of the resources it involves?

Oso provides an API to enforce authorization at all levels, each of which are described in this guide.

An Oso instance provides the following methods to enforce to make it easy to enforce your policy in a number of situations:

We recommend starting out by reading about resource-level enforcement.

Set up a 1x1 with an Oso Engineer

Our team is happy to help you get started with Oso. If you'd like to learn more about using Oso in your app or have any questions, schedule a 1x1 with an Oso engineer.