oso 0.26.2

We don’t have such a thing as “Contributor of the Month”, but if we did, it would certainly go to @kkirsche for multiple submissions:

1587, 1586, 1584, 1585, 1581, 1582, 1583, 1555, 1594, 1595, 1604, 1605, 1606. Phew!

Other bugs & improvements

  • Removed an unnecessary write lock that was acquired as part of a query construction, which could lead to occasional deadlocks when spawning new queries.


Other bugs & improvements

  • Thanks to @alexhafner for updating our tooling, making it easier to develop Oso on modern machines.

oso-sqlalchemy 0.26.2

Improved class registration

  • Fixed a bug causing Oso to ignore the name a class was registered as.
  • Made it possible to override the default class name Oso would use, by calling oso.register_class before initializing OsoSQLAlchemy.


  • Published the macOS ARM library to Maven

Other bugs & improvements.

A new loadFilesFromResources API has been added to allow loading policy source code from resource files contained in your packaged .jar. Special thanks to @kovacstamasx for this contribution.


  • Published the oso-oso gem with support for macOS ARM platforms.


  • Thanks to @joshrotenberg for PR 1539 which fixes some long-standing errors in our Rust example guides.

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